Blockchain marketplace

At ABCloudz, our employees are constantly exploring the potential for technological innovation and adopting the latest technologies. Blockchain is one of the hottest topics in the tech industry, so our team has created a dynamic and functional marketplace application that leverages the secure Ethereum network. This app is an example of how it’s possible to combine blockchain technology with core features of an e-commerce app to create a highly customizable and secure NFT platform.

Blockchain technology has impressive potential its current state and its bright future is obvious. With this trend in mind, we invite you to dive into this exciting project and experience the power of blockchain technology for yourself.

Tech stack
Ethereum, Solidity, OpenZeppelin library, IPFS, Truffle, NFT, Angular, Robsten, TypeScript, Bootstrap, MetaMask extension
Scope of work

UI/UX, Front-end & Back-end development, deployment, quality assurance

The challenge

At ABCloudz, we acknowledge the rising popularity of the cryptocurrency blockchain market, particularly the sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which has revolutionized the monetization of art-works by eliminating the need for intermediaries. Some of the most notable NFT sales include Beeple’s digital artwork sold for $69 million, Jack Dorsey’s tweet sold for $2.9 million, and LeBron James’ dunk video clip sold for $208,000.

Our team decided to create a web platform that allows users to trade NFTs securely, independently, and with complete transparency, showcasing the full potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Our aim was to develop an intuitive platform that provides all the necessary tools and features for a secure and transparent NFT trading experience, with the highest level of protection for private data and transactions. Considering our experience with development of fintech solutions, this challenge presented new opportunities to be explored.

The solution

To approach the task, our development team decided to build a custom application that would interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The app redirects its user to add a MetaMask extension to their browser that supports account management functionality, transactions, and smart contract deployment.

It is possible to interact with the platform in two ways: Web3Modal and Universal Service Page. The user is then able to access the platform’s marketplace to browse available tokens and buy them. The user is also able to create their own NFT by indicating its name, cost, description, and token image. A newly created token can be moved to a marketplace and sold there.

All the crucial functional elements of an NFT marketplace were created for the convenience of its users. This effectively removes any confusion that a customer might encounter when using other NFT markets.

You can find out a more detailed explanation of logic and functions behind the app in our blog post.

The approach

The app was developed using Angular and optimized for single-page applications. Solidity was selected as the programming language to create smart contracts, which facilitate NFT purchases. These smart contracts were deployed using Truffle, and the app was launched on the Ropsten test net.

Although the NFT collection used by the app is off-chain, its images are uploaded to IPFS, a decentralized file storage system, and all metadata is stored there. Information regarding NFT ownership is stored on the blockchain. While the current implementation uses off-chain NFT collections, it is also possible to create an on-chain NFT collection, where all information is stored on the blockchain in the form of smart contracts.


Blockchain technology is a rich field for uncovering new opportunities and creating innovative solutions. That is why the ABCloudz team prioritizes creating user-friendly and profitable products that maximize the benefits of blockchain, including:

  1. Building secure decentralized trading solutions and applications.
  2. Providing seamless integration services for blockchain products into existing business processes, including integration with cloud technologies, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-money laundering (AML) regulations providers, exchanges, and more.
  3. Modernizing legacy systems for increased efficiency, speed, and better outcomes, while ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your business.

Let ABCloudz be your partner in developing a cutting-edge, cost-effective blockchain platform that leverages the full potential of decentralized marketplaces. Our team of experts is ready to assist your business with the adoption of blockchain technology. Contact us today.

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