Car Auction

Car Auction is an automotive live auction cross-platform application allowing to buy and sell used cars by dealers and individuals. The user can manage the auction using iOS, Android, and web versions of the auction platform, which are equipped with identical functions.

Web, iOS, Android
Desktop, Phone, Tablet
Tech stack
Flutter, Dart, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular, Stripe, ASP.NET SignalR, Angular Material, RxJS, NHTSA VIN code scanner, Google Distance Matrix API, WebSocket
Scope of work

Wireframes design, website and server-side architecture and development, software design and architecture, iOS and Android client development, back-end and front-end development, quality assurance, deployment

The challenge

Our client, a licensed car dealer, decided to take their business to the next level and strengthen their position. Therefore they approached ABCloudz to make an auction app where participants can buy or sell cars safely, quickly, and conveniently. The client’s main aim is to create a unique online platform that connects sellers and buyers, not only companies, but also people, and helps to close deals based on auction rates at a good price.

ABCloudz developed a cross-platform app with broad functionality according to the client’s demands.

The solution

The Car Auction platform is designed to have three roles — public buyer, licensed seller, and dealer. There are also restrictions based on them. Public buyers can only buy cars. Licensed sellers can buy, sell, and transport them. Dealers can buy and sell cars, but only to other dealers. The user can place bids, filter cars, create auctions.

There is a complex logic of notifications, the creation, and the operation of auctions. We implemented an engine providing updating auctions and their statuses, as well as bids of all users. There are three different tabs on the platform, where you can see the active auctions, future auctions, and finished ones.

The Car Auction application has rich functionality, among which there is creating an auction, participating in bids, searching, viewing auctions, receiving messages, as well as, studying a detailed description of cars, even the sound of the engine, and finally, winning the auction.

The approach

To make the client’s app works equally well on different platforms, our team used the Flutter framework for development. This made it possible to develop a cross-browser application with a high degree of code utilization (until 98%) and development cost optimization. We also used our own .Net microservice architecture template for backend development. It allowed to quickly implement third-party services. And along with using AWS, we had provided infrastructure scalability and increased functionality.

The team installed the Google Distance Matrix API for calculating the distance and cost of the car delivery. SignalR was used for the ability to get information about real-time auctions and send information to 1000 auction participants. Stripe as a payment system. To check the VIN code of the vehicle and pre-fill its info, we used the NHTSA VIN code scanner.


Our decision to use materials collected over the years of the Web Practice development helped to release the project in just over nine months. The ABCloudz professional team managed to satisfy customers in their rush to create a multifunctional marketplace supporting web, iOS, and Android platforms.

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