Ann Siggard’s CookBook iOS

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The Solution

Ann Siggard’s CookBook  is the app developed for those who love cooking. It contains more than three hundred recipes which are stored in a local database. Every recipe is accompanied by a high definition picture which is cut in size according to the screen dimensions of your device. The trick though is that while the pictures are being cut in size, their quality doesn’t change!

Every recipe contains ingredients, description and different notes. There is an option to add recipes to favorites, share them thru iMessage, email, Twitter and Facebook. The app also contains a contacts page with a link to the website and email where users can send their reviews directly from the app.


Core Data, iOS SDK
Guides, Mobile Application, Mobile Development
Service Provided

  • Graphic design;
  • Application development;
  • Quality assurance;

Watch and download it on the platforms!

  • appstore
  • website

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