Emojitones chat for Android — emojis with sounds

Find out why our chat solution is the right choice for your application.

The Solution

Emojitones is an iOS and Android chat application that combines the best of standard text messaging and sound!

It provides an ability to add personal touch through sound with emojis adding fun and animation to all text messages. Tones play automatically once a text message is opened.

The application provides 182 free emoji-tones, and up to 534 premium tones available! To make communication for Emojitones users more comfortable, we integrated phone address book into it, so user can instantly see, who is using the app and who is online at the moment.

The technology powering Emojitones is called XMPP, while the app was implemented using ejabberd server. It can handle thousands of simultaneous connections and is very lightweight and configurable. Our developers created the core of this messenger as a universal framework. This means less time and budget to implement chat feature into your application.

This is a great example of a high quality chat application that ABCloudz has developed using hi-end technologies. To know more, please, watch our full video presentation above.

Android Phone, Android Tablet
Erlang, Java, SQLite
Kochava, Openfire, ejabberd
Android SDK, XMPPFramework
Google API
Communication application
Service Provided

  • Application development
  • Software design and architecture
  • Deployment
  • Quality assurance

Watch and download it on the platforms!

  • googleplay
  • website

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