Face Tracking Android app

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The Solution

An entertaining mobile application uses a neural network for precise real-time detection of users’ faces in the live stream from the smartphone’s camera.

Face Tracking technology provides businesses with the ability to generate impressive and breathtaking solutions, based on detection customers’ faces and analyzing their movements.

Mobile applications that implement a Face Tracking technology can perform various actions, such as user recognition to unlock the smartphone, game control based on user’s head movement or adding various filters to the picture.

ABCloudz developed a Face Tracking application for Android using the neural network algorithms. We plan to use the similar technical approach to implement it in an iOS application. The neural networks provide fairly accurate recognition of users’ faces and they can be trained to solve any task.

Be sure to check the related blog post and the video above to learn more about this terrific face tracking Android application.

Android Phone, Android Tablet
Entertainment, Mobile Application
Service Provided

  • Android client development
  • Back-end and front-end development
  • Software design and architecture
  • Graphic design
  • Deployment
  • Quality assurance

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