We developed the Instructrr web and iOS apps for the online fitness community. It provides tools and services on the health and fitness market. The all-in-one Instructrr platform is designed for real-time, two-way coaching. Instructors can create their own virtual studio and connect with clients, get sign-ups, and manage their day-to-day business. Clients can conveniently book classes and keep in touch with the fitness community using only one service and staying in a comfortable and safe environment at home.

Web, iOS
Desktop, iPad, iPhone
Tech stack
Java SE 11, React.js, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Quartz, Stripe, Twilio, Qencode, Amazon S3, MapStruct, Flyway, Swift, RxSwift, RxCocoa, Spotify iOS SDK
Scope of work

Wireframes design, iOS client development, back-end and front-end development, website and server-side architecture and development, software design and architecture, deployment, quality assurance

The challenge

While many people wish they were in better shape, few have the time or resources to go to the gym every day. Our client saw this need and decided to develop an online platform that combines the functions of several well-known services and provides users with convenient and affordable personal training online.

Once the decision had been made, the Instructrr team only had to choose the right developers to handle such a massive task. They chose the ABCloudz team and got the finished product they wanted.

The solution

Technically, the platform is split into two  components. The first part is for the instructor, where the specialist creates classes with a description, a list of the required inventory and assigns a price for the class. The second part is the client area, where clients can book classes. When the time comes for the classes, the participants and the instructor get into a common “room” in which audio and video streams from all participants are transmitted.

Now, the instructor and the client don’t need to interact with one video conferencing service, another payment system, and a third messenger to agree on everything — all of these functions are in the one Instructrr platform.

The main difference between the web and iOS apps is that the web version provides a direct live session with a trainer personally or in a group. On the web, a fitness enthusiast can subscribe to a particular trainer and train with them at a specific time. Mobile is designed for personal training, where the client chooses the tracklist, rhythm, and type of class. The iOS version contains pre-installed workouts. The user can additionally purchase the desired classes.

The approach

The desktop app frontend was built with React.js. The Instructrr app uses microservices architecture. Each microservice is responsible for a specific task:
– Registration.
– Broadcast.
– Notification.
– Schedule, etc.

And it has its own MySQL database. Communication between microservices takes place thanks to the RabbitMQ message broker. Fitness class videos are recorded and stored in Amazon S3 cloud storage.

We also used third-party services that work on the above-mentioned microservices.
– Facebook facilitates registration and login. A user can take his contact information from Facebook
– Twilio facilitates creating an online classroom and organizing training in it.
– Mandrill sends notifications to users.
– Stripe enables the users to pay for completed or planned workouts.

As for the iOS app, the platform was based on the proven Swift programming language. Also, we implemented RxSwift and RxCocoa for stable and efficient app operation. The Spotify iOS SDK allowed our iOS application to authenticate users, as well as interact and always stay in sync with the main Spotify app running on the user’s device in the background.


Our application development team created a cross-platform online app for the client, containing the functions of Zoom, Venmo, and Mailchimp in one product. Now, both instructors and their clients can comfortably exercise staying at home.

Instructrr is a real boon both for trainers and fitness enthusiasts, as for the first ones, it’s a simplified business opportunity with powerful business insights, minimal admin work, automated marketing, and easy switch for existing businesses. For the second ones, this platform implies simple onboarding and a user-friendly interface, seamless payments, video conferences optimized for fitness, and all of this in one place.

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