LiveViewGPS Android

The Solution

LiveViewGPS Android App allows you to track the location of your vehicle from your iPhone. The app uses Google Maps to view the position of the vehicle with the help of GPS technology. Each user gets an access key for the authorization system that validates this key with the user data on LiveViewGPS server. Reverse Geo-coding is available on vehicle details screen. LiveViewGPS has a number of great features: auto centering of the moving vehicle on the map and street view features were developed by ABCloudz team for a pleasant and satisfying user experience. The application might also use Microsoft Virtual Earth Maps as an alternative to GoogleMaps, and has  also been developed by our team with the help of Bing SDK.

Android Phone
GPS, MS Virtual Earth Maps
Android SDK, Bing SDK, Google Maps SDK
Mobile Application, Mobile Development
Service Provided

  • Google Maps integration;
  • GPS tracking;
  • Reverse geo-coding solution;
  • Interface design;
  • Quality assurance;

Watch and download it on the platforms!

  • googleplay
  • website

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