Picomo Pay

The Solution

PicomoPay is a great social and mobile payments application which enables you to send money to your friends and family on Facebook. The application allows you to transfer money to your FB friends to 200 countries around the world. This app is very easy to use. A consumer sets up a wallet, then after that they follow four easy steps to send money to their friends on Facebook. Their friends may then pick up their money at over 300,000 Moneygram agents globally.

ABCloudz worked on solving the challenge of MoneyGram integration, which is the core application used by the PicomoPay to transfer money. It’s worth mentioning that one of the important steps in the money transfer process is the identity confirmation of the receiver. MoneyGram recommends using IDology to verify the security of their counterparts.

IDology is a well-known privately-owned identity verification company, cooperating with many businesses and organizations, including the U.S. government, governments of Canada and Mexico. Therefore we needed to integrate both the money transfer and the receiver’s identity verification services.

Check out our video to find out how ABCloudz implemented this integration and developed this useful and social application.


Java jsp, jQuery, MySQL, WSDL, XML
Facebook API
E-commerce, Services
Service Provided

MoneyGram integration:

  • Proxy Creation;
  • WSDL integration;


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