The Solution is a great example of  a sophisticated commercial website modernization and redesign, developed by our Custom Development team. Our client company Straval, one of the leading strainers and valves producers in the East Coast, was facing a number of website performance issues due to an outdated server, which frequently crashed, affecting our customer’s profits and reputation. First of all we moved their website to Amazon cloud hosting, which made the whole system more secure, flexible and reliable. We have also set up a local server, located in our client’s office, so that Straval sales managers would have access to the admin panel with all the new orders, even if the main server is down. As for the re-design, based on Straval’s existing corporate style, as well as our client’s requirements, our design team has given a new website a modern and sleek look. Java-script written menu was re-written and optimized to fit the new design. We made sure the design was responsive to better serve the growing number of mobile users. Thanks to the great team work, the final product was beyond our client’s expectations: a more visually appealing, user friendly, optimized website ready to promote and secure Straval’s growth and expansion in the market.

Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Windows 8, Windows Phone
CSS, HTML, HTML5, Java Script, MySQL, PHP
E-commerce, Industry application, Website, Webstore
Service Provided

  • Database Architecture Design;
  • Wireframing & Re-Design;
  • Moving to the New Hosting and Local Backup;
  • SEO Improvements;
  • Quality Assurance;


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