My Water Advisor iOS

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The Solution

The new, innovative and user friendly application is the first smartphone app in the world, which allows consumers to track their water consumption wherever they are. It offers detailed consumption graphs, real-time leak alerts and consumption forecasts. Earlier our Custom Development Team have successfully released an Android version of the app. Now this application is also available for iOS users. Which means that more users with the help of this app will become more aware of their water consumption. This application was developed for our client Arad Technologies, one of the world leaders in Water Metering.

A unique system of notifications and ability to compare consumption levels to those from previous weeks, months or years can help each user to control and forecast water consumption even if you are thousands miles away from your home. Great design and engaging animation reminds you of the main purpose of this app: to save our water resources.

This is a revolutionary and life-changing achievement, which will contribute to water-saving and efficient water consumption across the globe.

AFNetworking, APNS, Core Data, Core Graphics, Foundation, iOS SDK
Education, Industry application, Mobile Application, Mobile Development
Service Provided

  • Architecture development;
  • Application design;
  • Notification system development;
  • Quality assurance;

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  • appstore
  • website

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