Tag: iOS

Get to know about our experience in developing Santa Pix, a user-friendly photo editing app for Android and iOS mobile devices.
learn more about Keyssistant, an AI keyboard extension for iOS and Android that automates messaging with personalized AI-generated responses.
Check out, Hubbly, a social network app for sharing traveling experiences developed by ABCloudz.
Miniature You is a funky app for making 3D models using a 3D printer with e-commerce functionality.
See the Eise Minimal Viable Product app for social shopping.
An entertaining Face Recognition iOS app determines the similarity between the input face and the faces of other users utilizing the neural network.
An app to calculate the expenses for the construction and trucking industries.
A global mobile e-commerce application based on Amazon Web Services.
A fitness tracking app for creating custom workout routines.
A custom emoji keyboard designed by Niall Horan himself.
A cool brain-teaser game for children under five years old.
Face Tracking iOS application adds various masks to users’ faces.

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