More than 23% of customer service companies are currently using AI to automate communication. And ABCloudz did not stay aside from this trend. We have harnessed the potential of OpenAI to create Keyssistant, an AI-powered keyboard extension that intelligently adjusts to a user’s unique communication style. 

iOS, Android
Tech stack
Swift, SwiftUI, Kotlin, KeyboardKit, OpenAI API
Scope of work

Mobile development, software design and architecture, quality assurance and testing, UI/UX design


The ABCloudz team has created Keyssistant, an AI-powered keyboard extension that can be integrated for iOS and Android mobile devices. With Keyssistant, users can automate communication across multiple messaging platforms by utilizing AI-generated responses in their preferred conversational style. Additionally, it offers limitless possibilities for creating custom conversational styles, enabling users to have fun and showcase their individuality in online interactions. The Keyssistant project is continuously evolving, promising exciting updates for its users in the near future.


Our team of leveraged expertise gained from numerous successful iOS and Android projects to craft a user-friendly keboard extension that can be integrated with any messenger to provide responses to the questions delivered through the OpenAI API.

For iOS development, we utilized Swift, while Kotlin served as our solution for the Android version of the app. By employing custom keyboard development solutions like KeyboardKit for iOS, we integrated our unique keyboard extension that seamlessly connects with OpenAI through ChatGPT. Keyssistant showcases our epxertise in configuring integrations with next-generation software through various APIs. In particular, Keysisstant connects to OpenAI thorough OpenAI API.

This API deliveres questions typed with this keyboard to OpenAI, which provides responses based on the selected conversational style. By default, Keyssistant offers a range of conversational styles, including “fun,” “sarcastic,” and “polite.”

However, the true magic unfolds when users tap into the potential of OpenAI to create their own personalized conversational styles. The possibilities for experimentation are endless, allowing users to add as many conversational styles as they desire, enabling them to express their individuality or simply have fun. Users can utilize different conversational styles across various messaging platforms and effortlessly switch between them whenever needed.


In the short term, we successfully developed and deployed an outstanding product that showcases our developers’ expertise in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies into customer-centric mobile solutions. We wholeheartedly embraced the potential of OpenAI and are eager to demonstrate even greater levels of expertise and creativity in this realm. In particular, our team is ready to use the OpenAI API to support solutions for healtcare, fintech, video-gaming, and many other industries.

AI is rapidly evolving, and so does Keyssistant. As for now, Keyssistant provides:

  • User-friendly and productive mobile keyboard solution that runs natively on both Android and iOS devices
  • Integration with all messengers, ranging from SMS chat to Facebook messenger, as a keyboard extension
  • Unlimited possibilities for creating custom conversational styles and adding them to the messengers as keyboard extensions
  • Unprecedented levels of customizable chat automation for all mobile users
  • Flexible app architecture that opens up a world of possibilities for advancing the product and expanding

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