Sonohaler is an iOS app controlling asthma attacks and improving its treatment. The application allows users to control the disease by tracking inhalers dosing, showing results and performance of each inhalation, reminding them about the next medicine intake. The mission of this app is to save lives and improve the quality of current medical solutions.

iPad, iPhone
Tech stack
Swift, AcuFlo, BLE, Firebase Authenticator, Firebase Firestore
Scope of work
  • iOS client development
  • Back-end and front-end development
  • Software design and architecture
  • Deployment
  • Quality assurance

The challenge

Sonohaler is determined to improve the lives of people affected by asthma. People in Sonohaler are eager to increase knowledge about asthma to improve the lives of patients affected by this disease.

They invented and patented the AcuFlo device with the ML model, but they needed proven experts with experience in developing healthcare products. Fortunately, we are the ones who were able to help our client with their initiative.

The approach

We utilized Swift to create the needed application. Our team of specialists has updated the SRS and wireframes of the iOS platform to ensure that the application meets all modern standards. For the deployment of the app, we used TestFlight. Also, ABCloudz configured the GCP cloud environment to reduce costs and do the best for the client.

The result

The Sonohaler app didn’t need any expensive sensor devices as it’s aimed at middle to lower class parents of children with asthma. Working closely with the customer, we defined essential app features and established a seamless user flow. In the end, Sonohaler received a fully working product that meets all the customer’s expectations and wishes.

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