Miniature You

Miniature You is a funky app for making 3D models using a 3D printer with e-commerce functionality. It is generally used for crafting neat models for tables games where each user could order a custom head of the desired character.

iPad, iPhone
Tech stack
Swift, Angular 6, Bootstrap, .NET Core, MySQL, Acropolis, Square API, AWS S3, SceneKit, ARKit, CoreData
Scope of work

iOS client development, front-end and back-end development, deployment, quality assurance

The challenge

Our client was on fire with the idea to make geeks and board game lovers happy by building a unique service creating miniature customized versions of people that can be used as game figures.

Their goal was to manufacture one-of-a-kind personalized products, so they needed high-quality technical services “behind the scenes” to make the process of ordering figures easy and affordable.

In this project, the atomization of processes was a difficult part. Mostly, our specialists had to rack their brains to create a solution that would save our client from unnecessary manual work. Our team has come up with an approach to automate the assembly of figurine heads and custom bodies for further printing.

The solution

Our duty was to build a mobile product that scans a human head to further convey this data to the customer who used it for 3D printing production. Once a face is scanned, the user receives access to the 3D model store developed by us and chooses a proper character model. Then the preview functionality kicks in, allowing us to see how the real head fits a future toy. Once a proper size is selected, the user will be able to add extra features like a beard and place an order. Then the order appears in the Admin panel, where the Miniature You workers receive order info and start working on a model to further deliver it to the address specified by a client. Read the detailed description of the process step-by-step in our blog post.

The approach

The MiniatureYou application consists of 4 parts:
– IOS application as a frontend.
– Admin panel for managing the work of the service.
– App backend.
– Third-party payment service.

IOS app was built on Swift. This application implements the Acropolis script for head scanning. Square is implemented for providing payments.
The app’s backend was built with a custom .Net core template.
The Blender script is used for creating 3D figures. It combines a 3D figure from the Acropolis library with a scanned model of a user’s head.
All created figures are stored in AWS S3 Bucket. All the information about orders aand payments is written in MySQL.
Besides, all the information information about orders is available in the Admin panel, which was built with Angular.


In addition to the obvious delivery of the iOS app, created taking into account all the client’s requirements, Miniatures also received high-quality solutions for their business, as well as a simple user-friendly interface and a bright statement about them in the IT arena. Even before the official start of sales, the Miniature You app has already begun to bring a decent income to the client by implementing a challenging idea into a fully functioning complex business.

On this project, everyone was an absolute winner: the client is now able to touch their idea, having realized it with our help, board game players rejoice in anticipation of their figures, and finally, our team got an exciting experience contributing to the entertainment industry.

The client left quite a flattering comment or the team, it goes as follows:

“Your team accomplished more with the move to cloud-based automation. The automation system we implemented reduced our costs by a truly insane amount. Our manufacturing costs are down by over 95%, and our production speeds are up by 4500%. And once again, I’d like to say that we hope to continue working with you in the future as we launch and expand our app.”

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