Digital360Health is an iOS app for simplifying blood pressure tracking meeting HIPAA requirements. Made for special medical cuffs, the app allows for measuring both upper and lower pressure, as well as pulse. The app measures blood pressure and handily stores patients’ results. Then, it transfers telemetry data and presents results in coherent graphs, with which doctors work further.

iPad, iPhone
Tech stack
Swift, BLE, REST API, JSON, MobSF, Google Firebase
Scope of work

iOS client development, back-end and front-end development, software design and architecture, deployment, quality assurance

The challenge

Once a client contacted us with a problem preventing the implementation of their idea in life. They wanted to create a data safe iOS app containing a health tracker. To provide their product with all the features necessary for its high-quality operation and uniqueness, they needed a team of real professionals with a full hand in the creation of medical applications. The client chose our experts and was not mistaken.

The solution

The application uses a Bluetooth connection to pair with cuffs. Once connected, Digital360Health asks for turning on cuffs, thus starting the measurement process. After showing the results, the app determines the blood pressure categories in cohesive graphs. The menu also provides full usage history for tracking health conditions at a distance.

The approach

Our expert engineers took the most out of Swift to build a responsive iOS application. They also used the power of the REST API and JSON combination, MobSF for penetration testing, and Google Firebase for easy builds distribution. We leveraged the Bluetooth technology to tie blood pressure monitors with the Digital 360 Health app. It can also be gadgets for measuring asthma medication or even blood sample analysis.


The Digital360Health app is a brilliant example of our work in the healthcare industry. It proves our ability to create specific applications. A client came to us with clear requirements and, as a result, received a product mirrored to their wishes. Our professional team can help you create a functional app delivering upon medical needs. Have a great idea, but some technical problems prevent its implementation? Rest assured that it is within our power. Contact us today and get a high-quality, free-of-charge consultation regarding your brainchild.

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