Santa Pix

Santa Pix is a mobile photo editing app that allows Android and iOS users to unleash their creativity and produce top-notch images. With this app, the users have the power to select any photo from the gallery and personalize it to their hearts’ content. The app allows users customize photos by incorporating unique custom backgrounds, fine-tuning the lighting and sharpness, cropping out specific sections, and using many more editing features.

iOS, Android
Tech stack
Swift, Android SDK, Kotlin, Firebase, OpenGL, CoreImage, MLImageSegmentationLibrary
Scope of work

UX/UI Design, iOS client development, Android development, quality assurance


The customer had a clear vision of an image editing and cropping platform, complete with a wide array of creative designs. However, they needed an experienced partner to find the most suitable tech stack for their project and handle the entire software development lifecycle. The customer wanted to handle many complex technical aspects and get a top-notch application within a tight timeframe. And that’s where ABCloudz, the team with a rich portfolio of diverse mobile apps, strong technology expertise, and a business-centric approach, became a one-stop solution.

The ABCloudz team took on the challenge and employed iOS and Android native development methodologies to create distinct versions of the app, one for iOS devices and another for Android. We also incorporated a set of features such as image cropping, editing tools, and silhouette recognition powered by machine learning. These enhancements were implemented to optimize the app’s functionality and maximize user convenience.


The ABCloudz team took on the task of developing the iOS and Android versions of the app simultaneously. For the iOS version, we opted for Swift as our primary development solution, while for the Android version, we relied on Android SDK and Kotlin. To build the app’s backend, we used a customized template built on Firebase cloud storage.

Our mobile development specialists integrated the app with powerful tools such as OpenGL, Corelmage, and the MLI Image Segmentation Library. These integrations enable users to conveniently edit images and remove backgrounds with precision.

To make image editing more user-friendly, we integrated ML scripts from the MLImageSegmentationLibrary. These scripts automate silhouette recognition and background removal, streamlining the overall experience.

We ensured smooth in-app purchase functionality by integrating our solution with Google Play and AppStore billing clients. This guarantees fast and efficient transactions for users looking to unlock additional features within the app.


One of the major challenges our team encountered during the project was the integration of image editing tools. Specifically, connecting the app with OpenGL proved to be a complex task as it required establishing a robust network of connections.

The development of the image croping functionality also posed challenges. While ML scripts proved to be invaluable, configuring them took much time due to the complex nature of the solution. Moreover, we had to implement these features while carefully considering user requirements and aligning them with the customer’s intended user logic. Our developers handled numerous tasks manually to ensure that all editing operations were performed without compromising image quality.

Another decision we made was to develop native apps for iOS and Android rather than opting for a cross-platform approach. It allowed us to leverage the unique capabilities of each platform for image processing.


The ABCloudz team successfully delivered a user-friendly app that is native to both iOS and Android devices. With a focus on user experience, we incorporated a wide range of features supported by ML scripts, ensuring SantaPix is as user-friendly as possible.

The application perfectly aligns with the customer’s vision and business objectives. Our team crafted a stable and efficient application architecture, leveraging the benefits of cloud-based technology to reduce maintenance costs and enhance application flexibility.

ABCloudz managed to deliver the solution within a short timeframe. From start to finish, the entire project was completed in approximately 3 months, showcasing our team’s efficiency and commitment to meeting deadlines.

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