Hubbly iOS

Introducing Hubbly — a solution that combines the elements of social networks and traveling apps in one body. With Hubbly, users can effortlessly record the places they visit and share their exciting experiences with others.

As borders continue to open up, traveling apps are becoming the go-to source for trip planning, and their popularity is skyrocketing. This trend presents opportunities to enter  the market with innovative and user-friendly solutions. Explore how ABCloudz brought their customer’s vision of a traveling app to life.

iOS Devices
Tech stack
AWS cloud services, Here API, Swift, MySQL
Scope of work

iOS client development, front-end and back-end development, software design and architecture, deployment, quality and assurance.

The challenge

The customer wanted to develop a traveling application that enables users to share their experiences with friends. Combining social network features with a travel assistant is an excellent combination of two popular travel app directions. However, the customer needed an experienced software development service provider to complete the task.

The solution

To approach this task, ABCloudz decided to focus on integrating the core features of a travel app with additional social media elements.

The resulting solution is a polished product that provides users with information on local places to eat, lodgings, interesting landmarks, events, leisure activities, and more. All of this is displayed on an interactive map with geolocation for added convenience.

Users can access lists of local establishments, save them as favorites, leave reviews, and share their experiences with friends. We added a notification system to inform users about their friends’ activities, providing a deeper level of engagement with the app.

The registration process is simple, as users can create a profile from scratch or link their social media account, which will automatically synchronize all their information.

The approach

Our team has a wealth of experience in developing traveling apps and city guides, so integrating core features was straightforward. Instead, we focused on optimizing cost efficiency for our customer without compromising quality.

To reach the goal, our team used the Here API because it covers a variety of useful data and operations such as geocoding, searching, and routing. Here API offers pricing packages for various purposes, making it a great option for cost optimization. It also allows for the addition of more features in the future if the customer desires.

Additionally, we used MySQL as a backend solution and combined it with AWS cloud storage services to reduce maintenance costs while ensuring availability and flexible scaling.

The benefits

As a result, the customer received a feature-packed travel application that enables users to share their experiences, write reviews, and much more. ABCloudz achieved cost efficiency for the app owners by using AWS storage, MySQL backend, and Here API as the map service backbone.

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