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The Solution

Clinical Application is a part of the BreatheSmart Cohero project that was developed for patients with asthma. This application is developed as a companion app for doctors in various medical institutions. This application is a spiritual successor to the AsthmaHero app for kids, which was also developed by us.

Using the BreatheSmart Clinical Application, doctors can perform spirometry tests using portable spirotubes and select desired prediction models. Apart from spirometry tests, doctors can see general information about a patient, such as first and last names, gender, height, weight, and other anthropometric parameters.  

We also developed BreatheSmart applications for iOS and Android. They all share the same AWS back-end architecture, which provides us great scalability, individual databases, and services for each client within the system, as well as a wide range of system management and the ability to form BI reports for further medical analysis.

We are extremely happy to be a part of this project and are looking forward to new projects that can help make this world a bit brighter place for all of the asthmatic users out there.

Please see our video review devoted to the technical side of this project.

Java, MS SQL
Bluetooth, Crashlytics, RxJava, REST
ADO .NET, AngularJS, Nhibernate
Service Provided

  • iOS and Android clients development
  • Server-side and back-end development
  • Specification and wireframing
  • Software design and architecture
  • Graphic design
  • Deployment
  • Quality assurance

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