GolfersDen iOS and Web

The Solution

GolfersDen iPhone app opens an incredible mobile social network for all the golf players! With this app you can easily grow your network, improve your golf technique and of course enjoy playing this wonderful and engaging game with your partners, colleagues and friends. With GolfersDen you can easily create your profile and add friends to your golf network. You can link directly to professional video tuition and keep track of your games through the scorecard. With GolfersDen App it’s easy to interact with other golf players through the golf network. You can send messages,  invite friends and write on their profile pages. You can schedule games and invite others to join them, create tournaments and sign up for the existing ones. With this app you can create user score card and track your results, as well as analyze your statistics to improve your techniques. Twitter feed is integrated into the app as a part of the News section. GolfersDen is a great client-server solution. Custom calendar enables users to enter events and sync them with your iPhone calendar. You can also purchase videos through In-App Purchase implemented by ABCloudz developers. We used iOS SDK, Objective C and PHP technologies to create both the phone and web parts of this amazing app which will take your golf experience to another level of pure enjoyment.

iPhone, Web
CSS, HTML, Objective-C, PHP
iOS SDK, WordPress
Twitter API
Mobile Application, Mobile Development, Website
Service Provided

  • Client-server solution;
  • Website development;
  • Application and website interface design;
  • Quality assurance;

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