HiMyNameIs iOS

Let us build a messaging application of your dream.

The Solution

HiMyNameIs is a cool new way to meet interesting people in your neighborhood. Users can like or dislike other users, and if users have mutual “likes,” they will be informed of a potential match. Users can take videos, edit them, and apply filters. By adding hashtags to a video, users can easily increase profile discoverability and create a highly personalized impression for others. Apart from hashtags, users can perform searches based on current location.

Our developers created the back-end of the application with PHP Symfony. It communicates with the MySQL database. The chat client is implemented in Node.js.

HiMyNameIs is a fun and easy way to find your perfect match, and if you have a similar project on your mind, ABCloudz is here to help you!

Please watch our video review to know more about the HiMyNameIs project.

Memcached, Node.js
iOS SDK, PHP Symfony
Service Provided

  • Сlient-side development
  • Server-side and back-end development
  • Specification and wireframing
  • Software design and architecture
  • Graphic design
  • Deployment
  • Quality assurance

Watch and download it on the platforms!

  • appstore
  • website

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