Liquor Quiz iOS

The Solution

If you are an intelligent drinker and appreciate wine, beer and spirits tasting, or if you enjoy going out with friends and spend more time in the bars than in bed, if you can tell what’s new at BevMo by simly glancing through the shelves, you will drink up Liquor Quiz, a new app we’ve developed for our client Bubblewrapps, and the only app in the market that tests your knowledge of different kinds of liquor. The best part of it- it allows you to taste them all with 0 percent chance of getting a hangover! Liquor Quiz shows you pictures of various bottles with liquor, and asks you to identify the brand name, and the kind of the liquor displayed. Liquor Quiz contains 240 questions with 12 levels of different difficulty (easy, medium, hard and crazy hard). You can share the game and your scores with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and compete for the title of “mightiest mixologist”. This fun app is a great game that can be an awesome alternative to some of the drinking games at the party when you need to drive home!

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