Live Airshow iOS

Let’s create an interactive event application to engage your audience.

The Solution

Live Airshow is a multipurpose application for use during airplane shows. The mobile app is universal, so it can be easily customized for any particular event.

Here’s a short list of application features:

  • Live video broadcast from the cockpit during flights
  • Special maps for airshow and parking spaces
  • Notification system (messages can be sent by organizers through app)
  • Work in offline mode

And last but not least is the support of iBeacons. Organizers place small beacons on the exhibits. When you get close enough to the exhibit (iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy, so their range varies from a couple of centimeters up to 10 meters), these beacons automatically connect to the smartphone. This helps the application display information about the current airplane on the screen of your smartphone. Users don’t need to do anything to see the information. The support of iBeacons was implemented in both the Android and iOS versions of the application.

Check out our video review for more technical information about iBeacon support and the Live Airshow application.

iPad, iPhone
Java, Objective-C, PHP
Live Streaming, Mobile, Mobile Application
Service Provided

  • Application development
  • Software design and architecture
  • Deployment
  • Quality assurance

Watch and download it on the platforms!

  • appstore
  • website

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