Maze Game iOS

Find out how to implement parental control in kid’s mobile applications.

The Solution

An educational adventure video game app.

The Sheeping Сompany from Paris (France) creates educational video games for children in which parents take active part along with their kids. They turned to ABCloudz to develop the Maze game iOS application for smartphones and tablets. This game should boost kids’ cognitive development, improving gestures, logic, perception and memory.

We came up with the solution that implements the Unity engine to develop this game. Besides, we utilized the Procedural Mesh Generation method to build the maze on the application screen. We may use the same technical stack to deploy this game for Android or Windows Phone quickly and cost effectively.

The customer provided us the key design elements and developed the game characters. The Unity engine allows to replace them with any other objects to build a new maze game in short terms. Thus, we can customize this proven solution in accordance with any scenario to meet your business needs.

Watch our video review to learn more about the main idea of the game.

iPad, iPhone, iPod
Unity 3D
Games, Kids Entertainment
Service Provided

  • Game development
  • 2D modeling
  • UI/UX design
  • Quality assurance
  • Deployment

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  • website

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