Private: Menopause View iOS and Android

The Solution

Menopause View is an app created to support women and their health throughout the transition period. It’s a part of a series of products developed for Fertility Council by our Application Development Team. All Fertility Council apps are interconnected and share one database. The apps have similar features, thus making them easy to use for everyone. They may contain lite versions of each other, but are customized for different purposes.

This app has a very essential tool section. It lets users track symptoms on a daily basis and display them on a monthly chart, which they can share via email directly from the app. It has an integrated lite version of the Period View app, which can be used to track periods on a separate calendar and receive statistics on average length and expected start date. There is a set of tools for tracking weight and blood pressure and sharing this data via email. To maximize the user experience the application has a built-in Glossary and provides users with access to a blog and a shop for women.

Please watch our video review for further technical information.

iPad, iPhone, iPod
CSS, HTML5, Java Script, jQuery Mobile, MS SQL
.NET, Google Analytics, JSON, MVC
ASP.NET MVC Framework, AV-Foundation, Foundation
Facebook API, Twitter API
Healthcare, Social Community

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