Application Development Portfolio

Alt-Bionics brings a groundbreaking solution to the world of prosthetics with its affordable bionic hands, designed for individuals with below-elbow amputations.
Explore our innovative conversational AI bot meticulously crafted to elevate your browsing experience on
Get to know about our experience in developing Santa Pix, a user-friendly photo editing app for Android and iOS mobile devices.
learn more about Keyssistant, an AI keyboard extension for iOS and Android that automates messaging with personalized AI-generated responses.
Check out, Hubbly, a social network app for sharing traveling experiences developed by ABCloudz.
Peek inside an NFT marketplace for Ethereum and smart contracts
WellBeam is a medical app that directly connects hospitals and care providers. With it, medical workers save time on administrative tasks.
Miniature You is a funky app for making 3D models using a 3D printer with e-commerce functionality.

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